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Why choose leather shoes for toddlers?

When it comes to buying shoes for your toddler, I usually find there are two groups of people.

  1. Those who go for top of the range
  2. Those who get the cheapest shoes they can buy

Whatever group you fall into, it’s always worth learning a little more about shoes for small feet so you can make more informed choices.

In my experience as both a mum and designer, if you’re going to save on any part of your kid’s wardrobe, save on clothes, not shoes. And if you’re going to buy shoes for your toddler, go with leather shoes every time. Here are 5 super important reasons why…

1. Save time and money

Everyone buys these cheap shoes from Kmart (not leather!), but the problem with that is it takes up your precious time and money to find and buy new pairs. Quality leather shoes last longer which means less time spent shopping and a lower cost per wear on your child’s shoes.

2. Embrace classic trendiness

A pair of leather shoes are an absolute classic and look great with any outfit, for just about any occasion. With a well-designed pair of leather shoes, your child can be trendy and timeless.

3. Pass them down

The amazing thing about leather shoes is they last a really, really long time. Often long enough to put away for future siblings and even future generations! Just think of the special memories your kids (and their kids!) will make in them.

4. For the environment

Leather shoes for your toddler will outlast just about any other kind of shoe, which means less waste. And because they’re perfect for any outfit, you don’t really need to buy any other type of shoe!

5. Help them walk better

The shoes your child wears will affect their feet, their balance, and development. They help form the foundation of how your child will walk in the future. Leather shoes from a quality brand will support your toddler’s feet and help them comfortably walk, run, and play!

A little story about that last point… 

I once heard a mum say she’d only bought her kid cheap Kmart shoes. Then she took her girl to the pediatrician who said there was a problem with how she was walking – and that it was stemming from the type of shoes she was wearing. Needless to say, this mum is now investing in much better quality shoes!

How to choose shoes for your toddler

It’s so important that they get their footing right from the start! With early walkers, choose soft soles for when they’re babies – these shoes are mainly for keeping their little toes warm and covered. And then when they’re learning to walk, go with structured soles. Aside from these tips, go with quality brands, real leather, and a design that works for your child’s style (so they can wear it again and again).

My top picks for kids leather kicks

Ready to grab a pair of leather shoes for your kid? I’ve summed up some of my favourite brands below.

Little Bliss Co.

I’m super proud of my own in-house brand of shoes, designed by yours truly! Little Bliss Co shoes are no only stylish, but they are amazing value. They’re made from highly durable premium leather that’s robust enough to survive the toddler years and become a keepsake you can treasure forever. And they’re perfect for the healthy development of little feet – comfy to wear and easy to walk in, while still protecting those soft tiny toes. Last but not least… I think you’ll agree that they’re super trendy and easy to style with just about any outfit.

Moccies are simple, elegant, comfortable, and versatile – they’re everything you’d want in a baby and toddler shoe! With classic colours and a unisex design, these shoes are made to be loved and worn by every baby in your family.


Grab a pair of moccies

Do you have a tiny dancer in your life? They’ll love this sweet ballerina style soft sole shoe – ideal for the littlest feet, right up to toddlers. The Mary Jane style straps help add extra support for new walkers.


Check out tiny dancer

How darling are these? The classic, vintage t-bar Mary Jane style not only looks amazing with skirts, dresses, leggings, pants – whatever outfit your girl wants to work – but they’re super comfy and supportive as well.


Take a closer look

Melula Copenhagen

Danish design duo Louise Møllermark and Søren Hougesen noticed a gap in the market for children’s shoes that were childlike, playful, and high quality, while keeping to the simplicity of Scandinavian design. So they founded Melula Copenhagen! I think you’ll love these amazing printed leather shoes as much as I do.

Shop our Melula Copenhagen collection

Little Lulu’s

This gorgeous UK brand is all about FUN – with designer shoes for little feet perfect for the trendiest small people you know. They do bright colours in soft, durable eco-friendly nappa leather – so they’re super comfy and will totally make a statement.

Shop our Little Lulu’s shoes


Do you care about (super important) things like eco-friendly fashion and fair trade? Then you’ll love Veja. A French brand that works with small producers in Brazil and France, they focus on making comfortable, fashion-forward sneakers that (unlike major brands) don’t hurt society or the environment.

Shop our Veja kids shoes


These are a truly special shoe, paying homage to the first ever Arvacas created over a century ago in Menorca, Spain, to help keep farmers’ feet dry, comfy, and protected. Which is exactly what you want to do for your children’s feet! With an eco-friendly sole made from recycled tires and high-quality leather uppers sourced from Spain, these hand-crafted shoes will take your kids places in comfort and style.

Shop our kids’ Arvacas

Invest in the best for those tiny feet

A final (but very important) point. I know leather shoes aren’t the cheapest. But like I said earlier – save on clothes, not on shoes! Your child’s whole outfit will really shine when their shoes look amazing. And when they’re comfortable, it means healthy foot development and lots more running, exploring, and all those other important kid activities.

Ask me a question!

If you have any questions about leather shoes for your toddler, please feel free to leave me a comment below or contact me. I’d be happy to help.


Candy xxx

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