Tiny Remix is founded by Serina and inspired by her daughter Ripley, her own #tinyremix. Based in Los Angeles, this brand was created three years ago while Serina was in search of a creative new adventure infused with her love for her daughter, branding, music, typography and vintage vibes!

This is what Serina says about the launch of Tiny Remix

“When you become a parent, so many things change and you gotta find humor in the day-to-day, because…let’s face it…it’s the only way! tiny remix plays with classic lyrics which dually explore the funny experiences of raising kids.

Music will always and forever influence our lives. I knew that I wanted to create something that would inspire a sense of nostalgia in our present day lives and family. Not to mention we’ve chosen to showcase the best decades of music ever! Simply put, when your kids wear our tees, you’ll find yourself happily singing along to the soundtrack for your lives.

Let us break it down for you… if mamas are the original song, then our babes are our tiny remixes. tiny remix is apparel inspired by the music that moves our soul for the tiny people who ROCK our world. Representing vintage vibes, 80s-90s classics & fresh fonts on tiny tees!”

Tiny Remix is made in America while being comfy with swag and kickin’ it old school …tiny style.

That’s why we here at Little Bliss Co. LOVE this brand.