Lolo Teething and Bath Toy | Mini Lolo Purple



This striking purple dragon will soon become your child’s favorite companion. Lolo is unlike any other dragon since it gets it bright color from food coloring and is free of harmful chemicals including PVC, BPA, Phthalates and Nitrosamines so your kid can chew and play without concerns about their safety.

We believe in the importance of creative stimulation and encouraging pretend play, this is why Lolo has been deliberately designed without a detailed eyes and nose to promote engagement. Cuddly and squishy, the toy is every child’s favorite shape, with smooth edges and zero holes. This prevents the growth of mold and discourages the accumulation of dirt so you can ensure the toy is germ-free and safe for your baby to chew on all day long.

Lolo is a cheeky, brave dragon that comes from Feathertop Mountain in Victoria, Australia. He loves flying super fast, going on adventures and eating as many purple flowers as he can find!

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