Double Box – Lil Leopard & Perfectly Pink Baby Swaddle Wraps | Bellies & Beyond


Can’t decide between two colours? Don’t!

Lil Leopard: Made for your fierce little cub. This is for the baby that’s going to be a fashionista awake or asleep. If you have to hide cute clothes under a wrap, you want it to be this one. Mum’s have been known to steal this one and use it for themselves too.

Perfectly Pink: Go to the shops and this is the colour you’ll see on every top and on any accessory. Go to the nail salon and get a mani/pedi with it. Now I’m not a pink person but this is well…

Perfecty Pink.

Wrap your baby in it, use it as a burping cloth, tummy time mat, pram blanket or comforter. It is extra large at 120 x 120 cms and just so beautiful.


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