We here at Little Bliss couldn’t possibly tell ME&MATS story any better than they can so here you go…

“Sometimes the worst things in life provoke a radical – but positive – change. That actually happened to Astrid, the founder of ME&MATS. The story of ME&MATS has begun after a heart-breaking moment, her son Mats was born too early and lost the battle for his life. Needless to say, Astrid was devastated.

But after a while she realized that those short moments with her son Mats, might have been the happiest moments in her life. It also occurred to Astrid that happiness could be found in the little things, the cherishing moments.
At that moment, just then and there, ME&MATS was born.

The aim of ME&MATS is to send that message to the world: enjoy life, find your delights in small things crossing your path and choose the things that give you and the ones you love that particular feeling of happiness. ME&MATS ensures that Mats is still a part of her life and is there, just to remind her –and you! – to stop rushing, to let go of the daily stress and seize the moment.”

We couldn’t agree more, and that is why we’ve selected these beautiful pieces for you!