The story of Frida’s Tierchen began six years ago in Barcelona with the birth of Maria Salamanca’s daughter Frida. Maternity is for many women a transformational experience and in her case it also changed Maria’s professional path, giving life to this adventure.

All products are carefully conceived, with an original and timeless design that preserves the beauty without saturating the senses, giving each of them an own feel. The quality of the chosen materials is the basis for the confection of Frida’s Tierchen.

Maria uses natural fibers such as cotton and wool that give organic qualities and are biodegradable substances. The fillings are of polyester that originates from the recycling, without chemical transformation, of plastic bottles that permits the washing and maintenance of the dolls.

Without doubt the quality of the used materials is an aspect that increases the costs of production, as it is one of the main values of Fridas Tierchen that can be perceived and enjoyed with the creations and ensures their durability.

Each and every one of Frida’s Tierchen‘s dolls and complements are handmade by Maria herself, working each piece carefully. It is a subtle quality that the child, however, can perceive.

Today Frida’s Tierchen is as small familiar enterprise with an artisan character, founded to offer beautiful and qualitative accessories for the play of our children, and with the desire to live that same quality harmonizing work and family life.