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In life we have many dreams and I’m lucky enough that I am living mine.

Everything changed after several years living the dream in the Australian Fashion Industry. I went from working as a Head Designer and Brand Manager for some of the best fashion houses in the country, to my next big dream; creating a family

Just like crazy deadlines and the madness of the fashion industry, so was my approach to motherhood. I stacked in 2 kids in under 2 years, helped run my husband’s business and went back to work when my 2nd was only 8 months old. 

Again, just like the fashion industry, there was chaos, creativity, time management challenges, and tears (mostly mine!)

The motherhood dream was well and truly fulfilled, and in full swing. 



My determination didn’t end there. 

Something was still missing.I’ve always had an enthusiasm for design and creation. That enthusiasm evolved into a desire to repurpose and administrate all of my knowledge and experience. 

At the time I was – and still am – immersed in all things family. My love for fashion meant that I struggled to find ‘cool’ outfits for my kids to wear. I no longer had the luxury of seasonal international business trips where I was lucky enough to source new and exciting products, so I created a place where one could find unique, beautiful and high quality fashion for children.

In 2017, I took a leap a big of faith and decided to pursue my passion.



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The passion...

I had a dream to create a leading kids fashion online destination, and that’s what I did.

Little Bliss Co. is a curated space to discover the coolest, globally sourced fashion and lifestyle products. We showcase the latest in children’s fashion; from quirky Scandinavian brands to boutique European designers, emerging labels and some fun lifestyle products just for you.

We also design and feature our very own baby and toddler footwear and accessories range. Each piece is hand-made in genuine leather and custom designed to compliment the feel and vibe of our collection. 

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