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Zebra I Can See - Little Bliss Co Designer Gallery

The debut collection for your new line Zebra I Can See will be available this spring. Tell us about how you came up with such an imaginative name for the new label. How will Zebra I Can See be different from Mummymoon?

Zebra was born in Copenhagen. That time we brought Mummymoon to exhibition, but clearly, we went there not for making sales. Now it seems the reason of that trip was to discover the Zebra I Can See brand. I remember that moment when I was l lying in a bed and drawing sketches for the new brand. Three of us chitchatted and suddenly decided— come on, let’s do it! We came up with the idea that this brand will be entry level, containing only colorful leggings and that’s it. We called it a game, an experiment. 

Now, I have no idea how we exceeded our expectations with this brand, expectations which we didn’t even have in the very beginning. Today 17 stores will sell the first collection! It commenced in the US and continued on to Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium and the UK. We are astonished and very happy. At this moment, we are expecting to receive AW17 samples, which will be unveiled in Paris. This collection is made of 30 items. It is incredible how much reality has over grown our dreams.

You design and produce exclusively in Lithuania. What are the primary advantages for you and your customers? 

Control and quality—everything is within reach so we can actually take care of the production line more fluently. The principle of Mummymoon is to offer exclusive quality over quantity.

Zebra I Can See - Little Bliss Co
Zebra I Can See - Little Bliss Co Designer Gallery