Zebra I Can See | The Designer

Zebra was born in Copenhagen. That time we brought Mummymoon to exhibition, but clearly, we went there not for making sales. Now it seems the reason of that trip was to discover the Zebra I Can See brand. I remember that moment when I was l lying in a bed and drawing sketches for the new brand. Three of us chitchatted and suddenly decided— come on, let’s do it! We came up with the idea that this brand will be entry level, containing only colorful leggings and that’s it. We called it a game, an experiment. 

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Petitbo | The Designer

Petitbo was created by Fia Reispass in 2011 with the aim to make something a little bit different. 

Clothes that are not too childish but yet playful and really comfortable to wear. Fia is Swedish but spend most of her time in Bidart in the South West of France. There the waves are higher and the sun is warmer.

”Our own lifes are spent between the beach and the big city and we make clothes that work perfect for both occasions. Clothes to feel good in!”

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Mr Wolf Kids | The Designer

Mr Wolf was founded by designer Alexandra Cobb in 2013.

Alex has brought together people she has met throughout her career to form a team of talented, inspirational and creative individuals who have developed a unique and fun brand - Mr Wolf.

Mr Wolf's clothing is aimed at 2 to 9 year old boys and girls with a gender neutral theme.  With Mr Wolf's own unique graphics, all over prints and pops of colour, the range is aimed at fun loving kids and parents. The collections are all exclusively British made.

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LuckyBoySunday | The Designer

The designer, Camilla Kørschen, finds all LUCKYBOYSUNDAY's characters within her thoughts, or simply in her grasp of reality. She challenges the common idea of what a toy is and represents, and aim to trigger people's imagination.

"I believe everyone should have a best friend - real or imaginary - doesn't really matter as long as it's true friendship."

The LUCKY designs have a great portion of humour and often have a double meaning to be able to catch both small and big. Camilla loves creating a poetic feeling with an edgy touch to it - and especially adores the unsaid that usually gives people space enough to go wonder. 

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Lot801 | The Designer

Lindsay White is the owner and designer of Lot801. She started Lot801 in 2014 at her kitchen table in Salt Lake City. After becoming a mother and wanting to dress her daughter in fashionable clothing that was practical to wear on playdates and to the park, she realized how difficult it was to find clothing that wasn't crazy gender specific (filled with footballs and butterflies). She wanted clothing that moved with the child and was filled with vibrant prints, fun for mom and babe. This is when Lot801 was born. 

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Little Lulu's | Designer Gallery

Little Lulu’s is an exciting company that has been created by Sheffield based Catriona Alfaham which launched last year. The company delivers a fresh range of high quality baby shoes designed by her personally, using the 11 years of footwear and accessory design experience she accumulated in the industry. Catriona began designing baby shoes after the birth of her daughter, Layla. Initially, the plan was to start local and small scale but the more immersed in her work Catriona became the more she realised this was a brand with a big statement to make. She set to work finding a factory in the UK and Europe and has forged a partnership with a well-established Italian atelier.

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KUKUKID | The Designer

Rebel but cute – it is our key message. It is obvious that kids are great because of a great combination of rebellion and cuteness. That explosive mix has inspired us to create clothing brand for kids – KUKUKID.  KUKUKID is rebel, and so are kids and adults sometimes. The same is with our design – it is outstanding and shaws kids’ word. We do want our clothes to be comfortable to give the comfort to our kids. 

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Gunner and Lux | The Designers

My first necklace was a success, and quickly after my necklaces began selling on-line and in local boutiques.  Riley continued to show a knack for making jewelry, so after dinner she and I worked on the necklaces together.   Using her fine motor skills, she learned how to tie knots, use pliers, and tweezers as she developed her own line of necklaces for little fashionistas!

....and that is how Gunner & Lux and LITTLE LUX was born!

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