Stylish Backpacks for Australian Kids

We all know that children have a knack for carrying a whole lot of things with them on outings, which is why purchasing their very own backpack makes it easier to travel with little ones. Little Bliss Co has a range of backpacks and bags from emerging and popular designers across the globe, perfect for bub’s first little bag! Whether you’re picking a bag for school or looking for a practical gift, Little Bliss Co has made it easier to source the best designers in children’s fashion, all ready to be delivered to your door. Order your toddler’s first backpack from a brand with a purpose.

Travel in style with your toddler’s own bag

Let your toddler carry their own bits and pieces in their very own backpack! Kids will love storing their things in their special bag, and the range at Little Bliss Co promises you will get a high quality design. Now, you can find a beautiful bag that you and your kids will love just as equally! Little Bliss Co holds a set of core beliefs and visions reflected in every product available. We believe in stocking original, stylish pieces that allow children to feel both comfortable and excited. We aim to embrace quirks and difference, and aim for acceptance and connection. The Little Bliss Co community aims to speak for our laughing, adventurous, creative children and build brands that express a vision and a purpose.  Find beautiful fashion for boys and girls, baby booties and sandals and a range of accessories and playthings for every kid.

Browse our range of kids backpacks from leading designers across the globe. Let your kids store the bits and pieces they like for that playdate or preschool while you enjoy a product that you can feel proud of. For fashion that’s perfect for parents and children, Little Bliss Co is your first choice. Take a look at a few of our favourite pieces and be sure to get involved with our charity, Act for Kids to join the movement.